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Preston Hollow Homes for Sale

Preston Hollow Homes

Preston Hollow Land and Homes For Sale

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Private Air Luxury Homes features Crespi Hicks Estate Home on its cover, "The Finest Estate Home in America Revealed"

Private Air article featuring Crespi Hicks Estate Home, the finest Estate in AmericaRegina Russo, on a journey discovering architecturally significant homes around the world, finds the Crespi Hicks Estate Home to be the finest estate home in America.

Read about "The Finest Estate Home in America Revealed", Regina Russo's piece on the Crespi Hicks Estate Home

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There are many good homes offered for sale in MLS. Please give me a call so can review these homes offered for sale

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This Preston Hollow Dallas Homes Web site is intended for those of you who already live in the Dallas estate area of Preston Hollow, or for those of you who desire a home in the estate area and private school corridor. Please use Preston Hollow, Dallas, as a resource in your quest to purchase a home in Preston Hollow or to learn more about the architecturally significant homes found in Preston Hollow. For more detailed information about homes on or off the market or about nuances of each neighborhood within Preston Hollow, please give me, Douglas Newby, a call.

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The Preston Hollow Neighborhood is a pristine environment on which to build a new home or estate. It is full of architecturally significant real estate. Use the links below to find Preston Hollow lots, land, or acreage for sale to build your new estate or home on.

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Preston Hollow Modern Homes for Sale in MLS

Dallas has one of the best collection of modern homes in the country. Dallas neighborhoods like Preston Hollow are ideal places to find modern homes for sale, mid-century modern homes for sale, or Texas modern homes for sale.

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Preston Hollow is you

You could live anywhere in the world and desire living in a city with the best private schools, the finest neighbors, and a graceful estate neighborhood with quick access to the cultural center of downtown. Preston Hollow embraces your desires and requirements.

Preston Hollow Real Estate

Preston Hollow Real Estate

Architect designed homes have been built since the 1930s on estate properties on over 20 acres, and more often on one or two acre lots. Very modern homes and eclectic homes designed in a French, Mediterranean, Italian, English or Spanish Colonial styles are found in the Preston Hollow estate neighborhood. Many of the world�s wealthiest families live graciously and very quietly on one of Preston Hollow�s hidden streets.

Crespi - Hicks Estate Home

Located in prestigious Mayflower Estates in the heart of the Preston Hollow neighborhood is the Crespi Hicks Estate.

View the Previous Listing of the Crespi Hicks Estate
Finest Estate Home in America - View Over 300 photographs and Articles

Preston Hollow Homes

Douglas Newby is your Preston Hollow Realtor helping you procure an architecturally significant estate home representing the best value.

You expect the best Dallas has to offer, whether it is goods, services, investments or real estate. This is the reason I only work with people like you and edit my business to only offer the finest homes. I have sold the most expensive home in Dallas, but I have also helped people buy small, architect designed, midcentury modern homes of national importance found in Preston Hollow. There are currently many Preston Hollow Homes For Sale. This is an interesting market as some Preston Hollow homes are vastly overpriced and some extraordinary homes are underpriced. Your good eye for aesthetics and value is one reason we will enjoy working together.

Preston Hollow Estate Neighborhood

Preston Hollow Neighborhood

Homes in Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow estate neighborhood has original Preston Hollow neoclassical homes from the 1930's and international architect designed modern homes from the late 20th Century. From cottages to mansions there are small neighborhoods representing every architectural style. Review the many small and prestigious neighborhoods of Preston Hollow:

Preston Hollow Dallas Neighborhoods - Preston Hollow Dallas Estate Area

Preston Hollow Addition, Sunnybrook Estates, Meadowbrook Estates, Meadowwood Estates, Maywood Estates, Inwood Addition #1, Inwood Addition #2, El Parado Neighborhood, Preston Downs Neighborhood, Preston Elms Neighborhood, Ridgewood Addition, Dentwood Addition, Batesons Neighborhood, Lansdowne Estates Neighborhood, Woodland Estates Neighborhood, Jackson Heights Neighborhood, Tatcher Ella Rose Neighborhood, Radbrook Estates Neighborhood, Rockbrook Estates Neighborhood

Bluffview Dallas Neighborhood - Preston Hollow Dallas Estate Area

Bluffview Neighborhood, Cochran Chapel Neighborhood, Shorecrest Estates Neighborhood, Inwood Park Estates Neighborhood, Inwood Terrace Neighborhood, Northwest Hills Neighborhood

Walnut Hill to Forest Lane Estate Neighborhoods/Strait Lane - Preston Hollow Dallas Estate Area

Mayflower Estates - Neighborhood of President Bush's New Home, Strait Lane Neighborhood, Los Arboles - Preston Hollow Gated Community, Kelsey Square Neighborhood, Northaven Neighborhood, Lobello Neighborhood, Crest Manor Estates Neighborhood, Brookshire Park Neighborhood, McDowell Neighborhood

Preston Hollow Home of President George Bush on Daria

President George Bush Preston Hollow Home

There was great international hubbub when former President and Mrs. Bush purchased a home on Daria in the Mayflower Estates neighborhood of Preston Hollow. While wild rumors circulated for years that President George Bush has purchased a home in Highland Park or on Strait Lane, I quietly told my friends and clients that Mayflower Estates was my prediction for his next home. While keeping quiet about his actual home purchase for a few months, I did agree to discuss the neighborhood and his home with CNN and the New York newspapers when the story eventually broke. Daria is a small street, now gated, but almost doesn�t need to be because Mayflower Estates is so hidden and secluded. President and Mrs. Bush have been well-received by the neighborhood and Dallas.

Preston Hollow Homes For Sale not in MLS

Preston Hollow Estate Home

Some of the finest homes in Preston Hollow are not in MLS, but are homes we offer for sale or we know are available to purchase.

Preston Hollow Corridor of Private Schools

The Preston Hollow area is the home to many of the best private schools in the country. Some of these are mentioned below

St Marks School of Texas

The best endowed and most prestigious boys school in Dallas. With a student body of approximately 800 boys in grades 1 through 12, St. Marks strives to educate the "whole boy" so students have the skills and qualities to be successful inside and outside the classroom. Founded in 1906, the spectacular campus now has 40 acres with many modern and lavish facilities.
St Marks School of Texas

The Hockaday School

Like many of the top private schools, the ratio of applicants to acceptances rival the Ivy League. An impressive endowment has created a beautiful campus and high academic achievement. The Hockaday centennial initiative is about to begin. Founded in 1912, The Hockaday School offers girls an education from prekindergarten through 12th grade infused with founder Ms. Ela Hockady's Four Cornerstones - character, courtesy, scholarship, athletics and classes with an average size of 14.
The Hockaday School

Episcopal School of Dallas

The Episcopal School of Dallas, founded in 1974 by the Reverend Stephen B. Swann, has more than 1,100 students enrolled in Beginner (age 3) through Grade 12 programs. This coeducational school with three campuses helps students discover their full potential spiritually, intellectually, and physically. ESD rivals Hockaday and St. Marks with their students going to the elite colleges and universities.
Parish Episcopal School

Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Established by six Ursuline Sisters in 1874, Ursuline's all-girl student body for grades 9 to 12 has grown to approximately 800 students and offers a variety of course work from Mandarin Chinese and Economics to Contemporary Issues.
Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Greenhill School

The Greenhill School, with over 1,250 students in grades Pre-K through 12th grade, was founded in 1950. Its curriculum combines academic, artistic, athletic and social service in an atmosphere that embraces openness and diversity. The emphasis and approach might differ some from Hockaday and St. Marks, and ESD, but the academic achievements of their students compares with the best schools in Dallas.
Greenhill School

Jesuit Preparatory School

Jesuit is a private Catholic school for young men in grades 9 through 12. Founded in 1942, todays enrollment is approximately 1,000 students and the campus is on 27 acres
Jesuit Preparatory School

Lamplighter School

A co-educational school for students in Pre-K through fourth grade, Lamplighter was founded in 1953 and currently enrolls about 465 students. The twelve-acre campus provides a nurturing atmosphere for its students.
The Lamplighter School

Parish Episcopal School

With approximately 1, 194 students enrolled in Pre-K through 12th grade, Parish Episcopal provides a variety of course offerings within a Christian atmosphere where service and worship are emphasized. The school was founded in 1972.
Parish Episcopal School

Dallas International School

Dallas International School offers a curriculum that integrates the French national curriculum with the strong foundations of American education, and the International Bacculaureate program. From preschool through high school, emphasis is placed on the importance of having skills to succeed as global citizens.
Dallas International School

See information on Crespi Hicks in the private school corridor

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